Minimizing our environmental footprint while maximizing positive impact for our communities.


As an import wine agency, we recognize our business has a direct impact on the environment through carbon emissions. With nature being the roots of our industry, we believe in our moral duty to minimize that footprint and are taking the lead to offer a cleaner alternative. We are proud to be the first carbon neutral wine agency in Canada.


To accomplish this certification, we measured Greenhouse Gases (GHG) generated from our direct business activities and operations. We then mitigated these emissions by purchasing carbon offsets, in the form of carbon positive projects, both in Canada and abroad. Beyond this, we plan reduce our total emissions by 20%, by the year 2030.




Convert 50% of sales fleet combustion vehicles to electric

Replace delivery vans with electric vehicle upon availability

Convert 10% of our shipping business to bottled in Canada ensuring a reduced weight per bottle

Apply a carbon reduction strategy to all offices (Paper reduction, Led Lights, rechargeable batteries, etc...)

Our Offset

2021 Base

year activity



Tons of CO2e

Our carbon offsets are equivalent to:


Barrel of Gas


Cars on the road


Trees planted

Our Projects

We invested in the below projects to offset our carbon emissions through CarbonZero.


British Columbia: “Great Bear Forest Carbon Project”

A project promoting logging reduction and replantation in collaboration with the coastal First Nations.


Ontario: “Greenhouse Biomass to energy”

To trap methane emissions (25 X more harmful than CO2) and convert them to energy.


Maritime Canada: “Ecosystems conservancy project”

Create wastewater treatment through engineered wetland systems requiring less energy and producing less greenhouse gases than typical wastewater treatment.

Recognizing that Global Warming is a worldwide issue and that our activities impact communities abroad, we are also investing in these foreign projects:


India: “Renewable solar generation”

Creating emission-free energy in places with no investment capacity.


Africa: “Clean Cookstove Projects”

Helping families and small businesses transition from dirty and inefficient firewood to clean-burning cookstoves, reducing forest pressure.


Oceanwise Shoreline Cleanup

Select Wines Oceanwise Shoreline Cleanup event sponsored by Noble Vines Wines is held annually in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. The objective is to help clean our shores and raise awareness of shoreline contamination.

# People involved:

61 people across Canada (mainly Select Wines staff)

KG of trash collected:

Approximately 400 lbs of garbage was removed and disposed of.

Fresh air challenge

In December 2020, Select Wines began a national challenge for all employees to address pandemic isolation and encourage an active lifestyle. This Challenge, which we call #freshairforcharity, #pleinairsolidaire consists of walking or running outside to accumulate KMs during the first three weeks of December, each year. Select Wines will then donate $3 for every KM to local food banks. Since 2020, our agency has donated a total of $31,500 to those in need.
This national challenge holistically helps our employees, their families, and communities.

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